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And for hundreds of years, homes have been crafted using this dual approach.
That is, is the home able to withstand the natural elements and live at one with
the region? Is it a statement of both beauty and substance? Does it simultaneously
satisfy one’s pragmatic and aesthetic needs?

The inspiring beauty and traditions of this region have defined a unique
homebuilding style not found in any other place on earth. The use of natural
materials such as stone, adobe and other indigenous materials has created a
style so defined and special that people are moved to experience this way of life.
It is a fact we are proud of and a desire we are pleased to have a hand in fulfilling.
Home is art in New Mexico.

At Michael Sivage Luxury Homes and Communities, we are known for quality,
value but most distinctively, innovation. That is, Michael Sivage homes continually
deliver an innovative interpretation of southwestern architecture and finishes,
while also honoring the customary building styles and deep rooted traditions of
the region.

It is our unique ability to transcend the historical renditions of the past into a fresh
look toward the future that has created an unparalleled reputation in New Mexico
homebuilding. We define our success by stretching the definition of traditional
craftsmanship for a community – a community that will become home to
generations, both now and in the future.

We are guided by deep traditions and energized by our enthusiasm for the future.
We invite you to learn more about our inspirational communities and the
craftsmanship of our homes.

[Welcome to Michael Sivage Luxury Homes and Communities!]
[Welcome to Michael Sivage Luxury Homes and Communities!]
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